Will you Juggle to Save Lives? April 25th is OSA World Juggle-a-thon!

Will you Juggle to Save Lives? April 25th is OSA World Juggle-a-thon!

Will you juggle to save lives?

Every 60 seconds a child in Africa dies from a malaria infection. That is why we created the OSA World Juggle-a-thon for Nothing But Nets.

$10 Sends a Net and Saves a Life.

Will you juggle to save lives? You can take part anywhere in the world you have a ball.

Register as a Juggler Here – http://bit.ly/1oiFBVB

Part of being a good pro is giving back to your community. We want you to act like good pros and help us give back by juggling to save lives in OSA World Juggle-a-thon.

Besides myself we have like 30 pro and former pro players taking part including Carli Lloyd and Heather O’Reilly from the US Women’s National and Jay Demerit from the Vancouver Whitecaps to name a few.

Former pro Jimmy Conrad from KickTV is taking part and so is Kyle Martino. You might recognize Kyle from the Premier League coverage on NBC!

Steve Roberts from STR Skill School is juggling to save lives and so is David Copeland-Smith from Beast Mode Soccer. Also we got the AWESOME girls at Soccer Grl Probs juggling too!

We have some MASSIVE youth soccer clubs taking part like CASL in North Carolina, Texans in Houston, Reading United in Pennsylvania and Chiefs FC in Atlanta plus many more!

OSA World Juggle-a-thon is like a who’s who of soccer!

Are you juggling to save lives?

Register as a Juggler Here – http://bit.ly/1oiFBVB

It’s easy to take part. Here’s how it works.

On April 25th – World Malaria Day – players of all ages juggle anywhere in the world they have a ball at 6pm their standard time and try to break their juggling record. Players juggle by themselves, with friends or their teammates.

Prior to April 25th, jugglers raise money from friends and family. All money raised goes to Nothing But Nets.

Every $10 we raise provides a bed net for a person in Africa. Send a net, save a life.

That’s it, $10! That’s all it takes.

We got prizes too! The top 5 fundraisers will each win a $50 gift card to BelieveinitApparel.com. That’s FREE Believe in it® Apparel for you!

Help us reach our goals! Our juggling goal is 50,000 total juggles and our fundraising goal is $10,000! That’s 1000 lives we can save together!

Register as a Juggler Here – http://bit.ly/1oiFBVB

Join us and Juggle to Get Better, Juggle to Save lives in the OSA World Juggle-a-thon on April 25th!


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