Totti: Galacticos say I was crazy rejecting Real Madrid

Francesco Totti admits he’s coming around to appreciating AS Roma again.

The club great quit Roma last summer after feeling isolated in his front office role.

“My withdrawal was a bit unexpected, but correct. Now I accepted it, but I needed two years, because it was not my decision. In any case, I never regretted my decisions,” Totti told DAZN.

“Not even when I was 25 years old and Real Madrid called me to join the Galacticos, although I had a moment of confusion.

“Now, when I see some players of that Real Madrid they say to me ‘you were crazy, you gave up the best team in the world’.

“It means that sometimes the head does not reason, you must be crazy. In any case, I made a decision for love of which I do not regret.”


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