PSG boss Tuchel: Man Utd defeat unlike anything experienced

PSG boss Tuchel: Man Utd defeat unlike anything experienced

PSG boss Thomas Tuchel says defeat to Manchester United in last season’s Champions League left him floored.

PSG crashed out of the competition in the last-16 after a shock comeback from Ole Gunnar Solskjaer‘s United.

“It was like having a car crash,” he told beIN Sports. “The light went green and we were hit hard! We wondered what we had done wrong, if we had neglected something. Surely we had neglected something!

“In between the matches, people at my daughter’s school and all around the city were saying: ‘OK, now things are different, we feel it’.

“Everyone thought that we were going to qualify and go further, but we didn’t do it. And I had the impression that, afterwards, everyone said: ‘Ah… it’s not changed, it’s like in previous years’.

“And we thought: ‘No, no, no, it’s not the same’. But we were totally helpless. It was like sand flowing through our hands without being able to hold it back.”

Tuchel explained what an impact the defeat had both on him and the squad.

“In the days that followed, we felt how disappointed we were,” he said. “I spent three days in total darkness. It was like something I had never known before.”



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