Learn How to Juggle a Soccer Ball while Running! – Online Soccer Academy

Learn How to Juggle a Soccer Ball while Running! – Online Soccer Academy

Want to STEP UP your Game?
Learn How to JUGGLE a Soccer Ball while Running.
This will IMPROVE your Touch and Ball CONTROL!
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Key Points:

Key Point #1. Make sure you can feet juggle like a champ first! Click here to watch our main OSA feet juggling video.

Key Point #2. Juggle forward at an angle. When you stand and juggle you juggle the ball straight up. For juggling on the run, you want to juggle the ball up and forward.

Key Point #3. Create back spin on the ball by locking your ankle, pointing your toes up and back towards your shin. This keeps the ball in close control and not going forward and away from you.

Key Point #4. Get a rhythm and move forward after each juggle. Take a juggle, move forward and get ready for the next.

Key Point #5. Juggle with your dominant foot. Usually you stick to one foot when feet juggling and running because the ball is in the air when your opposite foot touch should be happening so it’s like you skip that touch and get ready again for the dominant foot touch.

As you master this on your dominant foot, then work on your opposite foot and then try both feet.

Exercise Player Can Do:
Start off pretending you are feet juggling by walking without the ball. Once comfortable get the ball and practice.

When you feel good feet juggling while walking then practice feet juggling while jogging without the ball. When you are ready get the ball out and make it happen.

Go as far as you can. When you drop it start over. As you get better you can increase your speed and distance traveled.

What Player Could Be Doing Wrong:
If you can’t seem to move forward then you are juggling straight up. Make sure to juggle forward at an angle, then move towards the ball.

Bonus Tip!
Keep your eye on the ball! This skill requires you looking at the ball pretty much the entire time. It’s not like dribbling where you take a touch, look up and then bring your eyes back down to the ball. Keep your eyes on the ball the whole time.

Having said that, glance up occasionally to make sure you don’t run into the street or hit something! Be safe out there

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