Kleberson warns Man Utd defender Maguire will face ‘tough moments’

Kleberson warns Man Utd defender Maguire will face ‘tough moments’

Former Manchester United midfielder Kleberson has warned Harry Maguire he will endure some “tough moments” this season.

The Brazilian thinks Maguire will be exposed for a lack of pace.

Harry Maguire is a big name for any English club,” Kleberson told Your-promotional-code.

“In the World Cup he did a good job, but he’s going to have a few tough moments in one on one’s and his pace is not the best.

“United need to ensure he’s helped by a strong midfield, to help cover him and defend as a unit.

“I don’t know if he will manage to cover on his own like at times against Chelsea.

“Maguire has moved for a lot of money but I think the defenders aren’t as good in the league as they were a few years ago, therefore teams need to pay more.

“With Maguire and [Victor] Lindelof, I don’t know if [Chris] Smalling and [Phil] Jones need to leave but of course their opportunities to play will be a bit less.

“Especially as the new defenders have played very well in their first opportunity.”


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