Dani Ceballos lifts lid on Arsenal plans: I feel like a leader here

Dani Ceballos is keeping his options open as his loan with Arsenal comes to an end.

The midfielder is expected to start today’s FA Cup final against Chelsea – which will mark the final game of his season-long loan from Real Madrid.

Speaking with El Pais today, Ceballos stated: “It is complicated when Arsenal has to play for a title and Madrid have to play the Champions League.

“I have to wait until everything is over to sit down with Madrid, because after all I have three more years of contract with them, and they’ll tell me what they think is best for me.

“Obviously I will make the decision to play where I think it is most convenient and happiest.”

Significantly, Ceballos also stated: “When I have had continuity, like now at Arsenal, I have been enjoying and developing good football. My hope is to continue at this level: right now I feel like the leader of this important team, a player with stripes.

“Surrounded by people who believe in you, it is easier to believe in people. When you play like this and you also have the confidence of the coach everything is easier. At this level I think I can play calmly on any team.”


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