Calderon tells Real Madrid: Let Bale leave on-loan

Calderon tells Real Madrid: Let Bale leave on-loan

Former Real Madrid president Ramon Calderon is convinced coach Zinedine Zidane wants to see Gareth Bale sold.

Calderon believes Bale will be hurting personally over the way he was treated by Zidane towards the end of last season.

“It’s very difficult, it’s clear that Zidane does not want him, he made it clear last season by not putting him in the starting lineup, it must be very disappointing for a player like him,” said Calderon.

“The problem is the transfer, Real Madrid wants a lot of money for him but I think it’s difficult for that to happen, maybe the best thing for both is a loan, the player could recover his confidence on the pitch and raise his price while being owned by Real Madrid.”


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