Advanced Defense ~ Passing Out of Pressure by Online Soccer Academy

Advanced Defense ~ Passing Out of Pressure by Online Soccer Academy

Want to take YOUR defending to the NEXT LEVEL? Learn how the BEST defenders in the world KICK START the offense by passing out of pressure.
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Key Point #1 – Check your Shoulder! Prior to receiving a pass and throughout the game regularly check your shoulders. You are looking for space, teammates and opposing attackers.

For more tips on how to do that watch our
“Speed of Play” videos here –

Key Point #2 – Drop off or Move to create space between you and the attackers. If an attacker is near you and you need to get open for a pass don’t just stand there. Drop to create space.

Lots of defenders have the first instinct to run forward but typically there best run to create space is backwards. Plus by dropping backwards they keep their team shape and don’t crowd the midfielders’ space.

Key Point #3 – Take your 1st Touch away from the attacker. For example if the attacker is on your left side take your touch to your right. What does this create? It creates space and… and Time! Each level you move up you have less and less time on the ball so you need to learn how to create more of it.

Key Point #4 – Keep it simple and make a pass! Take 1 maybe 2 touches and then make a simple pass. I like to keep it simple in the defensive third and be creative in the attacking third when it’s on to. Yes, occasionally hit a long ball over the top, switch the field or chip the ball to a forward but for most part keep the ball moving.

Key Point #5 – Don’t be to casual! Some defenders are to casual and slow on the ball. I’m not saying go 100 miles per hour and be rushed but don’t be to laid back. That is when attackers sneak up on you and mistakes happen.

Key Point #6 – Don’t be scared to just clear it! Do your best to pass out of the back but yes, sometimes there is just to much pressure from attackers or to high of a chance that your pass will be intercepted. In this case kick the ball as far up the field or out of bounds as you can! When in doubt, kick it out. It’s better then being scored on!

Exercise Player Can Do:
Now for the exercise. Set up all the balls at the top cone. This is where your partner will stand. Then 10 yards away is where your start cone will be. Behind this cone is another cone about 5 yards away. At 45 degree angles in front of you about 25 yards away are two small cone goals. These are your imaginary teammates you will be passing to.

We will do two different versions of this exercise: one with pressure and one without.

1st Version without Pressure.

You drop from your start cone to the cone behind you checking your shoulders as you drop and your teammate passes you the ball. Then take a touch in the direction you want to pass and make your pass through the cone goals. Try to do this in two touches. Jog back to the start cone and repeat. Repeat reps until you run out of balls. Then do a few sets switching with your partner.

2nd Version with Pressure

The exercise will be exactly the same now except that when your teammate passes you the ball they will now close you down like an attacker. They shouldn’t try to win the ball, just put pressure on you.

What Player Could Be Doing Wrong:
Some things that could be going wrong. If you are getting the ball as a defender and the attackers are to close to you then you are not moving. Make sure you move or drop to create space.

If you don’t know what to do with the ball when you get it then you are not checking your shoulders. Work on speed of play regularly by clicking here –

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