4 Key Points to Advance Feet Juggling!

4 Key Points to Advance Feet Juggling!

Can you do Advanced Feet Juggling?
Advanced Feet Juggling is the foundation for most freestyle tricks!
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Advanced feet juggling is a great way to challenge your skills and improve your ball control. It will also make you look legit!

Advanced feet juggling is a style you need in your tool bag for a lot of freestyle tricks. Like Around the World for example! Don’t try around the world until you can do at least 10 feet advanced feet juggles with confidence.

Key Points:
1. Lock your ankle and point your toes up.

2. Ball should hit on your toes, not your laces.

3. Your foot should be parallel to the ground.

If your foot is curled back towards your shin this will cause the ball to have back spin. For basic feet juggling back spin is normal. For advanced feet juggling we don’t want backspin.

4. Generate power by lifting your knee up. DO NOT flick your ankle or make a kicking motion with your foot.

Imagine your knee is like a puppet attached to a rope. Pull that rope up when you want power for a touch.

Exercise Player Can Do:
Now an exercise we can do to practice. Start off practicing without the ball. Get your body use to how this will feel.

Once comfortable get the ball out. Toss the ball up, let it bounce and then start advanced feet juggling.

This looks easy but it’s not easy to make it look easy. Go for 1, 2 juggles and keep progressing as you practice. Don’t break technique. It will take some time but you will improve.

When you get good from the bounce then do basic feet juggling and when ready start advanced feet juggling. Being able to switch from basic to advance at the snap of your fingers, is a great way to challenge your ball control.

When you master this try to take as small of touches as possible. This is challenging!

What Player Could Be Doing Wrong:
Some things that could be going wrong. If the ball is going away from you then your toe is pointed down. Point your toes up.

If the ball is spinning then you are flicking your foot or moving your foot back and fourth to much. Pull your knee up like it’s on a rope and that is how you get power without spinning the ball.

Bonus Tip!
Doing advanced feet juggling on one leg for seconds at a time is a great way to increase your balance. As well as strengthen the muscles in your non juggling foot.

Be confident and be patient; this is hard! Small improvements daily equal big improvements over time.

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